About Bullet Central

Bullet Central is located in Fargo, North Dakota and launched in 2013 by Chris Harris.

We believe in our slogan, Build. Shoot. Win. and to help our customers achieve their goals, we are always adding new products on BulletCentral.com. Each product we bring in is carefully selected with our customers in mind. We want to add as much value as possible when it comes to our products and become your go-to firearm supplier.

We believe in quality which is why we are distributors of top brands such as Bix’n Andy triggers, BAT actions, Berger Bullets and thousands of other quality products.

Customer service is our priority and we always answer phone calls and emails. If you have any questions about a product, or are looking for a product not available on the website, please contact us and we will do our absolute best to help you.

You can also check us out on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram today!

Welcome to our site. We hope you find everything you need. Happy Shooting!

Chris Harris - Bullet Central

Chris Harris

As a competitive benchrest shooter and firearm enthusiast, Chris saw the need for a company that supplies the highest quality products, at the best prices and with the quickest availability.He has competed in many of the major shooting events throughout the country and represented the United States Team at the World Championships in New Zealand in 2017.

Luke Albin Bullet Central

Luke Albin

Luke, is a veteran of the United States Armed Forces and a shooting expert. His main role is to focus on our customers and answer questions. He also works extensively with our trigger repair team.

Rael Harris - Bullet Central

Rael Harris

Rael, has been part of Bullet Central since its inception. He is an expert on all of our products, works on our inventory and manages our warehouse. He is also heavily involved with our international sales team.

Nick Butze - Bullet Central

Nick Butze

Nick, has also worked for Bullet Central from the start and you will find him at many of our events and matches representing us. If you have any questions, he is the man to catch on all of our different social media platforms.

We are the exclusive distributor for Bix’n Andy triggers outside Europe. We work closely with Bix’n Andy to plan and develop the products for our international markets. Bix’n Andy make the finest triggers ever made all including the patented ball system. They have establish countless records in short and long range bench rest and most top tactical shooters elect to shoot Bix’n Andy for their outstanding reliability and crisp and predictable break. The product range today extends from the lightest target trigger to robust hunting and tactical shooting.