Trigger Timing your BAT actions and Bix’n Andy triggers

Bullet Central proudly presents an educational video demonstrating how to set trigger timing with a BAT action. Setting trigger timing correctly is important to ensure accuracy and proper ignition.

Trigger timing is a very simple process but you need to ensure that you are doing it correctly so that your accuracy is not affected.

Tools needed to time your Bix’n Andy trigger properly with your BAT actions:

  • 7/64 Allen Wrench
  • Small Punch
  • Small Hammer
  • Reloading Block

A BAT DS or Three-Lug action comes with 2 different hangers, a 10/20 and a 0/30.

0= The trigger is as far forward as it can go

10= The trigger is 0.01 inch back

20= 0.02 inch back

30=0.03 inch back

The further back the trigger is set the more cocking on closing you will experience.

How the trigger timing affects the action

As you shut the action you will feel a bit of a jerk.  When you are shooting you don’t want the timing of the trigger to upset your rifle.

How to set the trigger timing correctly

  1. Take the bolt out
  2. Remove the hanger (leave screws in as you remove it)
  3. Remove the dowel pins using your loading block and punch or hammer
  4. Turn your hanger around or switch to another trigger hanger
  5. Put the dowels back in
  6. Place the hanger and trigger set back into the action.

Tip: Put the cap screws in first to avoid allot of frustration

Timing is really important, you just need to make sure that once your trigger timing is comfortable for you that your rifle still shoots well and accurately.  Insufficient pin fall can result in non-uniform primer ignition and can be detrimental to accuracy.

To see our selection of trigger hangers click here.

  1. I am putting together a new F-Class rifle. I need the weight of a Bix’n Andy trigger so I can calculate the total weight of the rifle. The gunsmith is shipping to me today. I am trying to figure out if there is going to be enough weight under 22 # so I can order a barrel tuner.
    Thank you.

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