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An action made by BAT Machine is easily one of the best actions on the market, and all of their products are top quality. There is no such thing as an entry level product when you order a BAT action, they make all of their products the best they can. In this video the director at Bullet Central, Dave Gaboury, talks about the different types of actions available from BAT Machine to help you decide which action is best for you.

BAT actions can be grouped based on their size: small, medium, large, and extra large.

Small BAT Actions

These actions are 6.5 inches in length and have a 2.3 inch load port. There are three different actions available in a small size.
The Model SV only comes in a 1.35″ round, the Model S comes in various shapes and sizes, and the Model SB is similar to the SV but has a 1″ integrated sleeve on the end for more barrel contact.
Small actions are restricted to calibers of 22 hornet & 6PPC due to the smaller ejection port.
Unfortunately we do not get many orders for the small BAT actions, so we do not keep them in stock. However if you would like to order one please check out

Medium BAT Actions

These actions are 7.5 inches in length and have a 3 inch load port. They are compatible with larger cartridges, typical calibers in the .223 to .308 size.

Medium BAT Machine actions are ideal for short range benchrest, palma, and shortrange varmint shooting. There are 5 different models available of medium BAT actions.

The Model B action longer, with a large load port so it has more contact with the stock.

The Model MB is nearly identical to the Model B, except it has a 1″ integrated sleeve on the end for even more contact with the stock when it is bedded.

The Model DS is similar to the Model B, but has some special features for short range benchrest shooters. They typically come in a dual port configuration and both the load port and the ejection port are smaller because it’s designed for the 6PPC or 6BR cartridges. It comes with different timed hangers and a roller cocking piece which makes for less pressure to push the bolt up, which is an important feature when you are shooting off of a bench. DS stands for Dwight Scott, who designed some of the special features on the Model DS action.

The Model 3L is a 3 lug action, everything else on this list is a 2 lug action. The 2 lug action means that the bolt only rotates 60 degrees before it can be pulled back instead of 90 The draw back of this is that it takes a bit more pressure to pull the bolt back. One advantage of the model 3L is that the bolt is larger than the bolt a 2 lug action and it’s a bit faster.

The Model VR is a drop in action for a Remington 700 short with the same pointed tang, and narrow bolt body. If you have a Remington 700 compatible stock, this action will drop right in. The Model VR is also available as a repeater if you desire.

Large BAT Actions

These actions are typically 8.5 inches long with 3.3 inch to 3.5 inch load ports. Large BAT actions are ideal for long-range benchrest, F-class, or long-range hunters.
There are 4 models available for Large BAT actions.

The Model M has a larger barrel tenon, and requires a 1.25″ diameter barrel.

The Model 3LL is similar to a model 3L, except is has a 1″ sleeve on the end for more contact with the stock.

The Model CT is similar to the model M, except it is large enough for CheyTac cartridges and requires a 1.35″ barrel.

The Model HR is similar to the Remington 700 long action, and is available in a repeater or single shot, and could work in a hunting rifle or for larger calibers.

Extra Large BAT Actions

The Model L is a 10″ action with a 3.8″ load port, and requires a 1.45″ barrel.

The Model EXS is a 10″ action designed for the 50 BMG cartridge, and requires a 1.75″ barrel. It works for long-range benchrest using 50 BMG cartridge where size and weight are not an issue.

All of these models are in different configurations, be sure to check out our other video describing the features of BAT actions.

For more descriptive information head over the Actions Page or go to BAT Machine’s action page.


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