Adjustable Kelbly Trigger Hanger

The Infinitely Adjustable Kelbly Trigger Hanger

In this video Chris Harris explains one of our favorite products, the infinitely adjustable Kelbly Trigger Hanger.

This trigger hanger came to us from an idea of Dwight Scott, a well renowned rifle smith from Michigan.  He suggested making a trigger hanger that allows for infinite variable trigger timing for the Panda.

What’s in the bag?

The trigger hanger, crosspins to support trigger, a set screw to adjust timing, and two fasteners to fasten trigger hanger to the action.

To demonstrate why it may be suitable for some shooters, we show you a panda action with a regular trigger hanger.  You’ll notice a bit of a hitch when you close the action, when you get this violent move the gun can become unsettled which is not good for repeating accuracy.

Adjusting your trigger with the Kelbly Trigger Hanger

Remove the regular trigger hanger from your action. Set the screws to the proper timing for your action, and fasten it to your action.

rearward position: Set screw out; this gives you the same effect as a standard trigger hanger.

Turn set screw in a little ways, this allows the trigger to move a little bit forward.  You can measure the screw so that it fits your needs for this trigger hanger.

Turn set screw a little bit more and more for less and less cocking on closing.  Changing your trigger hanger is purely preference, and you now have the option to put your trigger in any position you want.

If you do not have enough pin fall, this will affect your accuracy. You have to come up with a happy balance that fits your needs.

Note: The set screw that comes with the Kelbly Trigger Hanger could be too long, the front of the set screw could affect the front of your top sear.  If you need to adjust this, sand it down until you are comfortable with the length.


If you would like to purchase this trigger hanger please click the link below:

Adjustable Kelbly Trigger Hanger | Bullet Central

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