How to Use Berger Bullets to Actually Improve Accuracy

How to Use Berger Bullets to Actually Improve Accuracy

How to Use Berger Bullets to Actually Improve Accuracy

Recently we began selling Berger Bullets because we truly believe they are one of the best bullets on the market today.  They are also the most popular bullet among competition shooters.  According to, shooters last year were 10 times more likely to shoot Berger Bullets then any other brand and 79% of hand loaders chose Berger Bullets. 

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History of Berger Bullets

In 1955 Walt Berger began making rifle bullets, he believed he could make bullets better and more accurate than what was available at the time.  He was an avid benchrest competition shooter (and still is), a sport that requires an extreme level of precision in all components of the gun.  After time, Walt and his wife Eunice grew the business into the precision rifle bullet making operation you know today.

In the year 2000 Berger Bullets merged with Spiveco Inc., who were supposed to provide additional resources for Berger Bullets but they ended up shutting down and liquidating all their assets within a few years.  Around 2004 the Berger Bullets team began to retain its reputation as the gold standard for rifle bullet manufacturing.  Today Berger Bullets continues to grow in Fullterton, CA.  To see the full story of their history check it out here.

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Why Shoot Berger?

Berger Bullets only uses the highest quality copper and lead, this ensures the elimination of impurities and material issues.

Here we list Berger’s weight tolerances, however, as stated on their website the actual results are generally tighter than these tolerances allow:

  • 17 Cal to 30 Cal: +/- 0.2 gr
  • 338 Cal: +/- 0.3 gr

Ogive tolerances:

  • 20 gr to 115 gr: 0.003 ES
  • 120 gr to 210 gr: 0.005 ES


“It is important to note that measuring this dimension is difficult as the point of contact is a thin and rounded surface.  If you find measurements greater than the tolerances listed below please measure the same 10 bullets several times to confirm that your measuring device is reliable and repeatable (many on the market are not).  We use a specially developed process which includes custom made gauges to ensure reliable and repeatable measurements.  Most reports of bullets outside this tolerance are found to be the result of how they are measured.”

To guarantee the consistency of the bullet, all cores and bullets within a lot at Berger are created with one die that is specifically designated for that bullet.  The same die is used again for all lots until it wears out.  In addition, all tooling is precisely made to the dimensional tolerances of .00005, this is one of Berger Bullets uncompromising standards.

Above all, Berger will go through any effort in resolving an issue of quality once it is determined that a bullet or bullet lot is bad.

The Lines & Designs of Berger Bullets

Berger Bullets have 5 bullet lines(Orange: available at Bullet Central, click to see our line up):

They also have 7 bullet designs:

About each line of Berger Bullets:

Match Grade

  • Only made for Varmint, Target, Hunting & Tactical
  • Highest quality copper & lead available is used in the process of creating these bullets
  • Made to focus on consistency rather than speed


  • Commonly used by precision oriented varmint hunters
  • Proven to provide exception accuracy


  • Known for winning matches and setting records


  • Thought to be the most lethal big game hunting bullets on the market
  • All hunting bullets made in the VLD or Hybrid designs
  • After the bullet expands it sheds 40% – 85% of it’s weight as shrapnel, this combined with hydrostatic shock produces a massive wound cavity within the vital organs


  • Rides the line between being functional and the best possible ballistic performance
  • Ogive design is optimized for specific application and the rifle

About each design of Berger Bullets:

Flat Base

  • Full line of flat base bullets in several calibers
  • Staple of extreme precision bullets
  • Used for short range and varmint shooters concentrating on accuracy
  • Tangent ogive makes it easier to shoot than a secant ogive


  • Have a tangent ogive, unlike the VLD which is made with a secant ogive
  • Not as fast as the VLD but more precise

Long Range Boat Tail

  • Designed for long distance competitive target shooters
  • Extra long tangent ogives
  • The long range extends into two more groups, the Fullbore and the Juggernaut
  • The fullbore was designed for fullbore style shooting, while the juggernaut was designed to keep going until it hits the target

High BC Flat Base

  • Works best as a short to medium range varmint bullet
  • Only available in 6mm (.243 diameter)
  • Made using a flat base and secant ogive

VLD Bullets

  • VLD (Very Low Drag)
  • Shoots flatter and with less recoil
  • Suitable for long range target competition shooting
  • Boattail design with secant ogive
  • The secant ogive gives the bullet less drag
  • Reduced drag means this bullet is less affected by the wind than other bullets


The quickest way to find this sweet spot is to load ammo at four different COAL.  Start with a COAL that allows the bullet to touch the rifling.  The next COAL needs to be .040 off the lands.  The third COAL needs to be .080 off the lands.  The last COAL needs to be .120 off the lands and one of these COAL will outperform the other three by a considerable margin. 

It has been reported that the VLD bullets don’t group as well at 100 yards but get better as the bullet “goes to sleep” at further ranges.  We have learned that by doing the four COAL test you will find a COAL where the VLD bullets will group well at 100 yards.  Once the COAL that shoots best is established you can tweak +/- .005 or .010 to increase precision or you can adjust powder charges and other load variables.  Frankly, those who do the four COAL test usually are happy with the results they get from this test alone.

Hybrid Bullets

  • Tangent ogive incorporated with secant ogive
  • Less sensitive for seating depth
  • Efficient in the wind

Classic Hunter

  • Conforms to the restrictive dimensional standards set by SAAMI
  • Designed for hunters that shoot factory rifles and load at magazine lengths
  • Made with a shorter hybrid shape

Elite Hunter

In conclusion, here at Bullet Central we have a large line up of Berger Bullets at competitive prices.  If you don’t see your favorite bullets here, just give us a call at +1 701 371 4444 and we’ll try our best to get you exactly what you need.

Berger Videos

Extreme Outer Limits YouTube Channel has posted a small playlist on Berger Bullets that includes information and tips.

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