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Currently Bullet Central sells 4 different brands; Bartlein Barrels, Krieger Barrels, Hart, & Shilen Barrels. In this article we will help you determine the difference between them.

Bartlein Barrels

Bartlein Barrels have been in the industry for over 15 years.  On their website they claim that;

our machines are so accurate, we can carry the twist rate to the 4th decimal point (example: 11.3642).

Their process is done using the Single Point Cut Rifling method, which is the most stress free way to rifle a barrel.  This ensures that the twist is exact and that the bore and groover dimensions are uniform.  Bartlein Barrels also pre-laps their barrels before any rifling is done, and then finish up the lap after rifling.

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Krieger Barrels

Krieger Barrels have been around since 1982, and believe that the most important part of the barrel is the steel it’s made out of.  Because of this they only accept the best steel they can get, no matter the cost.  So they run tests to determine if their steel is good or bad before using it for a barrel.  This is also the reason they do not offer multiple grades of steel in their barrels, all of their barrels must meet the same standards from start to finish. They also use the single point cut rifling method and the same lapping method as Bartlein.

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Shilen Barrels

Shilen Rifles, Inc was founded in 1955, their barrels come in two different grades; Select Match Grade and Match Grade.  The Select Match grade must air gauge within .0003″ of their standard diameter and the uniformity of the bore cannot vary more than .0001″. While the Match grade must measure within .0005″ of their standard diameter and no more than .0003 variation in the groove.

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Hart Rifle Barrels

What contours does Hart Rifle Barrels turn?

We can turn just about any contour. Most manufacturers’ contours are pre-programmed into our CNC lathe. Standard contours from Douglas, Shilen, Krieger, Bartlein and many others are also available. Contact us if you have something special in mind. You can also send us a barrel to copy or even a sketch of your idea!

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Contours available for Bartlein Barrels (For more thorough information on Bartlein Barrel contours, click here)

For more information about each contour checkout Bartlein Barrel’s website;

Sporter Barrel Contours

Sporter Barrel Contours
0Featherweight #21.2002.0006.0000.90023″0.580
24″ Blank
1Win Featherweight1.1502.0006.0000.74523″0.560
CM only
24″ Blank
2Standard Sporter1.2002.7506.0000.80024″0.600
CM only
2″B”Medium Sporter1.2002.7506.0000.85024″0.6303.20#
3Heavy Sporter1.2002.7506.0000.87026″0.6703.50#
3″B”Lt. Bull Sporter1.2002.7506.0000.90026″0.7004.00#
4Bull Sporter1.2002.7506.0001.00026″0.7504.50#
13Rem. Varmint/Sendero1.2502.0004.3500.95026″0.8304.65#

REM 700 Sporter Contours

REM 700 Sporter Contours
19Rem MAG Sporter1.2501.5004.2506.0000.9200.83525″0.660 @ 24″
20Rem Standard Sporter – CM only1.2001.2505.750N/A0.790N/A24″0.660 @ 22″

Ruger RPR

Ruger RPR
21Standard RPR1.1801.6001.000240.7751.000
22Heavy RPR1.1801.6001.000260.8301.000

Straight Taper/Match Contours

Ruger RPR
5Standard Target1.2002.750.82026″6.00#
6Heavy Target1.2502.750.87526″6.50#
8Light Varmint1.2005.000.87528″7.00#
9Heavy Varmint1.2505.000.90028″7.45#
15Hunter Class1.2504.000.75026″6.00#
16#8 LV Modified1.2002.000.90023″5.70#
17#9 HV Modified1.2502.000.93526″6.15#

Palma Contours

Palma Contours
10Light Palma1.2503.0005.500.90030″.7504.50#
11Medium Palma1.2503.0005.500.90030″.8205.35#
12Heavy Palma1.2503.0005.5001.00030″.9006.50#
18Whitley Med. Palma1.2503.0005.500.95030″.8305.65#

Bolt Action Contours available for Krieger Barrels (For more thorough information on Krieger Contours, click here)

Bolt Action Contours

Sporter Contours

ContourBreech Dia. (A)Breech Length (B)Muzzle Dia. (C)Finish Length (D)Blank Length (E)Neck Length (F)Neck Dia. (G)Weight (LBS)
#1- Light Sporter1.2502.250.56024.00276.000.7602.5
#2-Standard Sporter1.2502.750.60024.00276.000.8002.8
#3-Medium Sporter1.2502.750.63024.00276.000.8303.0
#4-Heavy Sporter1.2502.750.67026.00276.000.8703.5
#5-Bull Sporter1.2502.750.70026.00276.000.9004.0
#5-Bull Sporter PLUS1.2502.750.70026.00276.000.9404.0
Rem Varmint1.2502.200.83026.00274.700.9604.5
#6-Heavy Bull Sporter1.2502.750.75026.00276.001.0004.5

Match Contours

ContourBreech Dia. (A)Breech Length (B)Muzzle Dia. (C)Finish Length (D)Blank Length (E)Weight (LBS)
#7-Light Target1.2002.750.75026.00275.5
#8-Standard Target1.2002.750.82026.00276.0
#20-Benchrest Short1.2004.500.90023.00245.2
#18-Light Varmint1.2005.000.87528.00296.5
M24 (USAMU)1.2002.000.90026.00276.0
#9-Heavy Target1.2502.750.87526.00276.5
#10-Heavy Bull Target1.2502.750.93026.00277.0
#17-Heavy Varmint1.2505.000.90028.00297.0

Palma Contours

ContourBreech Dia. (A)Breech Length (B)Muzzle Dia. (C)Finish Length (D)Blank Length (E)Neck Length (F)Neck Dia. (G)Weight (LBS)
#16-Light Palma1.2502.500.75030.00315.000.9004.5
#15-Standard Palma1.2502.500.82030.00315.000.9205.5
#14-Heavy Palma1.2502.500.90030.00315.001.0006.5

Straight Contours

ContourBreech Dia. (A)Muzzle Dia. (C)Finish Length (D)Blank Length (E)Weight (LBS)
#11-SS Straight Blank1.2501.25028.002910.0
#11-CM Straight Blank1.3001.30028.002910.0
#12-SS Oversize OD1.4501.45028.002913.0
#12-CM Oversize OD1.4501.45028.002913.0
#13-50 BMG2.0002.00036.003732.0

Contours available for Shilen Barrels (For more thorough information on Shilen Contours, click here)

Shilen Barrels Contours
Shilen Contour Dimensions (inches)
Contour #ABCDEFGWeight at
G length
  1 Featherweight **(.308 or smaller)**1.220.700.5502.5620222 lbs 10oz.
  2 Lightweight (.338 and smaller)1.220.765.5752.5624263 lbs 3oz.
  3 Sporter (.358 and smaller)1.220.815.6252.5624263 lbs 7oz.
  4 Magnum Sporter (.375 and smaller)1.220.860.6503.0626283 lbs 14oz.
  5 Lightweight Varmint1.220.910.7003.0626284 lbs 8oz.
  5-1/2 Medium Weight Varmint1.220.960.7503.0626284 lbs 14oz.
  6 Lightweight Target [1]1.220.7503.026286 lbs
  7 LV Light Varmint [2]1.220.8403.026286 lbs 12oz
  7 Standard Varmint [2]1.220.8904.026287 lbs 1oz.
  7 HV Heavy Varmint [2]1.220.9405.026287 lbs 8oz.
  8 Heavy Bull Barrel1.2201.0003.026287 lbs 12oz.
  9 Rimfire Target [1]1.125.8254.026285 lbs 12oz.
  10 Benchrest Special [3]1.250
  11 Straight Barrel (customer choose diameter)1.230
  12 Super Size [3] -add diameter to any contour+.050-+.150″+.050-+.150+.050-+.150samesamesame30
  17 Remington Varmint (Sendero)1.220.940.8302.04.524285 lbs
  18 Remington Standard [4]1.220.735.650825262 lbs 8oz
  19 Remington Magnum [4]1.220.795.650825263 lbs
  LP Light Palma1.220.900.8002.04.530324.5 lbs
  MP Standard Palma1.2201.000.8002.5530325.5 lbs
  HP Heavy Palma1.2201.000.9002.5530326.5 lbs
 46 Mag SuppressedOur #4 contour with a swell back up to .880 from the 16.5″to 19″. 19″ 3lbs 3oz.