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Sierra Bullets

Sierra Bullets

Sierra Bullets – A Remarkable Bullet for A Competitive Edge

Sierra Bullets was founded in California in 1947 and have been based in Sedalia, Missouri for almost 20 years. They produce a variety of bullets for rifles and pistols, their bullets are for used for precision target shooting, hunting defense, and competition. The calibers they produce range from .204 to .500.

History of Sierra Bullets

Originally Sierra Bullets produced precision rivets for aircraft, as well as guides for fishing rods and rifle front sight ramps. After World War II there was a bullet shortage, especially quality rifle bullets. They then began to manufacture quality match rifle bullets. Soon their 53 grain match bullet was being sold to the Hollywood Gun Shop. This bullet is known today as the Sierra #1400 53 gr MatchKing.

In 1972 Sierra started manufacturing bullets for handguns that were capable of being driven at higher velocity than bullets available at that time.

Rifle Bullets made by Sierra Bullets

Sierra Bullets fall into 5 categories based on their construction

1. BlitzKing – Varminter

  • Designed for Varmint Hunting
  • Small Calibers
  • Designed for rapid expansion

2. GameKing

  • Designed for hunting
  • A boattail bullet, reducing any drag or wind draft
  • Better penetration and expansion for larger game like deer

3. MatchKing

  • Competition Bullets
  • High ballistic coefficient and accuracy
  • Have set records around the world

4. GameChanger

  • Redesigned MatchKing Bullets with thicker jacket for controlled expansion and stable flight
  • Tipped Game King
  • Boat Tail
  • Perfect for hunting and competition
Sierra #1455 BlitzKing Bullet

5. Pro-Hunter

  • Flat-Base Bullet
  • Best for large game like Elk because it’s special jacket has a deeper penetration and maximum expansion

For reloading data, Sierra bullets has created a fantastic manual with all that information.

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