Should you use a different bullet for 100 and 200 yards?

Dean Weston sent the following question about bullet weights and yards:

Hi Mr. Boyer,
I met you at the East/west shootout at our rifle club – Benchrest rifle club in Wright City Mo., two years ago, was introduced by our club president Scott and you signed my copy of your book. Have two questions. I keep hearing I should shoot a different wt.bullet at 100/200 for group shooting, your advice?
Will you be coming to the East/west this year? If so look forward to seeing you there.

Dear Dean

In my experience I have never found any bullet to perform better or worse at one yardage over another. I know there is much talk about this and there are some people that experience this difference so I am not saying that it is not the case, I have simply not experienced it myself. Further, I would rather get to know one bullet well and shoot that at both yardages than manage two different bullets.

I do not yet know for sure if I will be going to the East/West 2014 but look forward to seeing you if I make it.



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