How to do a detailed cleaning of your Bix’n Andy Trigger | Video Tutorial

In the past we’ve shown you how to do a basic cleaning of your Bix’n Andy trigger, but in this video we show you how to do a thorough cleaning to make sure your trigger doesn’t malfunction like some triggers we’ve gotten back that had some crud built up from solvents or misuse of the bore guide.

Things you’ll need:

  • Solvent – Brakleen
  • Lighter Fluid
  • Air Compressor
  • Smart phone or camera
  • Tweezers
  • Phillips screw driver
  • 1 1/2 mm hex wrench that came with your trigger
  • a cloth

1. Open up the trigger using the phillips screw driver, and remove the front cover. The cover might be difficult to remove, so use your hex wrench to ease the cover off by turning the 4 main jack screws and lift off the cover.
2. Once the cover is off use your hex wrench to wind the jack screws back out so they are below the surface to make it easier for reassembly.
3. Use your phone or camera to take a picture of the inside of your trigger to refer back to when you reassemble.
3. Take the internal parts out of the trigger using your tweezers.
– reset bar
– top sear
– spring for reset
– two ball bearings
– retainer bar
– bottom sear
– trigger shoe – be careful when removing so you don’t release the spring
4. Use a solvent to clean the housing and internal parts.
5. Use your compressed air to make sure your trigger is completely dry.
6.Reassemble, you’ll want to refer back to the picture you took to make sure every part goes back in the correct spot. It’s best to reassemble in the reverse order of how you took them out.
– trigger shoe and spring
– bottom sear
– retainer bar
– spring for reset
– top sear
– reset bar
– two ball bearings
7. Make sure all the parts are completely dry.
8. Press the cover back into place, the jack screws must be backed out for cover to be put on correctly, then screw the jack screws back into the cover.
9. Make sure your trigger is functioning properly.

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