Hawkeye Borescope

Hawkeye Borescopes | Why do you need one?

Hawkeye Borescopes | Why do you need one?

Hawkeye Borescopes are created and designed by Gradient Lens Corporation.

Why a Hawkeye Borescope?

Using a borescope not just a matter of determining whether your barrel is clean or dirty.  Hawkeye Borescopes can help you determine if your barrel has any carbon fouling, good or bad copper fouling, and how your new barrel will foul.  Once you use a borescope you will be able to notice several things:

  1. The first 6″-8″ of the chamber end of the barrel usually has more carbon fouling while the last 10″ of the muzzle tends to have more copper fouling.
  1. The difference between good and bad copper fouling.
    • Bad copper fouling appears as heavy, dark copper streaks down the barrel and typically causes the barrel to not shoot.
    • Good copper fouling appears as brushed golden grooves.
  2. In the chamber you are likely to find a ring of carbon ahead of your casing.  Beyond the chamber you’ll probably find built up carbon.  Carbon is difficult to get out.

So by using a borescope properly you can tune your cleaning methods to what your barrel needs, and more shoot more accurately because of it.

How to use a Hawkeye Borescope

  • each borescope comes with:
    • Hawkeye Pro Precision Borescope
    • Mirror Tube
    • a protector sleeve
    • MiniMaglite© Flashlight & 2AA Batteries
    • cleaning kit (you can clean your borescope mirror with acetone or the provided isopropyl).
  1. Screw the maglight on, attach the right angle eye piece if desired.
  2. Carefully insert the borescope into the barrel.
    • Be very careful when inserting and removing the borescope into and from the barrel so that you do not damage the bore or the crown.
  3. When the borescope is inserted into the barrel you can move the eyepiece to move the 90° mirror around for a full 360° view of the inside of your barrel.

More information on Hawkeye Borescopes:

The first Hawkeye Precision Borescope, created by Gradient Lens in 1995, was the first borescope to use the endoGRINS gradient index lenses, this meant that it was able to offer quality images at a fraction of the cost.  These borescopes are used all around the world, not only by competition shooters and gunsmiths, but by technicians, sportsmen, manufacturers and much more.


Magnification:  Borescopes are not fixed magnification like microscopes.

Available Lengths (at BulletCentral.com): 7″ & 17″.


  • Scope: .165″ (4.20 mm)
  • with Mirror Tube: .188″ (4.8mm)


  • Tube: 304 Stainless Steel
  • Eyecup & Focusing Ring: Aluminum, black anodized
  • Front Window: AR coated optical glass
  • Illumination Fiber: Optical Glass
  • Relay Optics: endoGRINs® gradient index glass lenses

Temperature Range: -20° to 120°C

For more technical specifications go to gradientlens.com

Hawkeye Borescopes are not meant for medical or veterinary use.

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