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Cleaning your rifle is very important no matter what you use your rifle for. In this video Chris Harris shows you exactly how to clean a rifle using our top-notch cleaning products.

So to get started here is what you will need:

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Clean Bore with solvents only after every 7-10 rounds

After 50 rounds – clean the bore with IOSSO paste

How to clean a rifle after 7-10 rounds

  1. Place your Bore Guide into the bore.
  2. Pour solvents(Accelerator & Wipe-Out Patch-Out) liberally onto a patch and push through the bore with a rod.Use accelerator in combination with patchout because it speeds up the cleaning process
  3. Take out rod with an IOSSO bore brush.  Scrub with brush to create a foam that will come out of the bore.

Tip: Keep rod straight so it doesn’t hit the sides of the barrel

  1. Take Brakleen and spray off the brush.
  2. Let gun sit for about 10 minutes.
  3. Take a dry patch with nothing on it, and push it through the bore to push the solvent out, repeat until the patches come out clean.
  4. Take a little of the triple action oil solution and push through the bore.
  5. Remove bore guide

Tip: use a stock protector.

  1. Take bore mop and roll a patch around it.  Get it into the chamber to remove some dirt.
  2. Wipe the muzzle.

Tip: Use scope caps.If you don’t use them, the mist from the brush can get onto your scope lenses while you are cleaning the bore.

How to clean a rifle after 50 rounds

  1. Use IOSSO bore paste on a patch and push through the bore. Scrub very well through the throat of the bore and the first 6” to 8” of the bore then push it all the way through.
  2. Take the brush, put the IOSSO paste onto it and smear it into the brush.  Run it through the bore and scrub it.  Turn the rod with fingers to make sure the carbon in the throat is removed.  Then stroke it all the way down the barrel, keeping the rod parallel with the bore.  Add some patch-out to start getting the IOSSO out of the barrel.  It will form a grey sludge.
  3. Use a patch with the solvents and spend some time pushing the IOSSO out of the barrel.  Continue with several patches until they come out mostly white.

Tip: Use a bore scope to see how well you are doing & pay attention to getting the carbon and copper out

Shoutout to Steve Theye who gave us a beautiful reloading table from

These may not be the only rifle cleaning products, but they are the ones we find are the best and are used by Tony Boyer.  

If you have any questions or comments on how to clean a rifle or any of our products and how to use them, feel free to send us an email or call us.

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