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Bukys TSI Tuner


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Bukys TSI Tuner

  • Unique design
  • Easy to install and adjust
  • Offers broader range of tune
  • For center fire rifles
  • ID threads are 7/8 – 32 TPI or .875-32 TPI
  • Weight: .234lbs


The Bukys TSI Barrel Tuner has been developed and made by Gene Bukys. He has won several World Championship titles and shot his way into the Hall of Fame with a TSI tuner.

For those who like the idea of shooting with a barrel tuner, the TSI offers a broad tune and is easy to install and adjust. This is probably the most desirable barrel tuner in the center fire benchrest world today.


A great post on how to use the Buky’s TSI Barrel Tuner can be found here.

Instructions for the TSI Barrel Tuner From Gene Bukys:

First a little information about the tuner

    • The ID threads are 7/8 – 32 TPI or .875-32 TPI
    • I thread about 1” to 1 ¼ “of the muzzle, depending mostly on how I feel that particular day.
    • DO NOT try to remove the large nut that holds the rubber insert on, ——– It is not intended to be removed ever.
  1. Set the gun up to accept the tuner – (thread the muzzle end of your barrel)
  2. Put the rifle together and do not install the tuner
  3. Go to the range and tune the rifle as you normally would, make it shoot as good as you can
  4. Then on the same day, and in the same conditions, install the Tuner. Use a nice heavy grease on the threads and apply this grease to both the tuner ID threads and the barrel OD threads. (Gene uses bolt lug lube). Screw it all the way on the barrel till it stops against the shoulder then back if off at least half of a turn and lock it down. This way you only have one way to go while tuning — you can’t go further on the barrel as you will hit the shoulder quickly.
  5. Then load up whatever shot well without the tuner on the gun, and shoot a 3 shot group
  6. If the rifle sticks them, (you got lucky) mark that spot with a felt tip or such and shoot it again except I would shoot a 5 shot group, If I wasn’t fooled and it stuck them again I would move the tuner out 1/8 of a turn and shoot it again If it still sticks, I would continue to move the tuner out 1/8 turn at a time and shoot 3 shot groups till it quit sticking.
  7. Then put the tuner in the middle of where it was sticking, lock it down, and never move it again.
  8. If the rifle tries to go out of tune I would change powder charge just as if there was no tuner on the rifle.
  9. If the rifle shoots big after installing the tuner on the muzzle, (this is the norm) just shoot 3 shot groups and start turning the tuner out 1/8 turn at a time till you find the area where it will stick them. I find that the rifle will usually come into tune before you have made one complete turn, but no big deal if you have to go a little more than one turn.
  10. I try to find an area where the tuner can be turned thru about three 1/8 turn moves and still shoot. As you move the tuner out you will find that there are areas where the rifle will shoot good in a very small spot but when you turn the tuner another 1/8 turn it will go big on you. Try to find a broader area to leave the tuner — life will be better if you can find an area where you can make the 3 moves and the rifle continues to shoot well.

In my experience with these things, I think, I’ve never seen a barrel that actually did go to shooting better because of a tuner. What I think the tuner dose do is help to keep your rifle in tune through a larger range. I think that you will see that your rifle stays in tune better thru atmospheric changes than it would without a tuner. ??? I could be all wet about all of this though. –Gene Bukys

Additional information

Weight .24 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 1.25 in



7/8, 15/16


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