Micron Precision Series – Sizer Die – .300 PRC, Full Neck Size, Factory Second


Due to some minor cosmetic blemishes in production, we are selling “factory second” versions of the famous Micron Sizer Dies. These dies are inspected to perform their function to the same exacting standards as our standard dies. The only difference is that they may have some minor scratches and/or blemishes on the non critical surfaces of the die.

Micron Manufactured in-house by the Bullet Central team, the Micron Precision Series threaded sizer dies are likely to be today’s industry leader in precision reloading dies! We precisely machine each Micron die blank to the exact length of the calibers we offer.

JGS Precision Resize Reamers are used to chamber our Micron Sizer dies to unyieldingly precise tolerances. We use JGS precision reamers because they believe that quality comes before everything else. JGS guarantees that the reamers they make will be made to print, within tolerance, every time.

With a sub 0.0002″ runout from OD to bushing pocket and a die chamber that is hand polished and inspected before a nitride surface hardening treatment, you will not find a straighter die out there today.

All dies come with a bushing retainer cap that holds your floating bushing deep enough to allow you to size down your case neck to the shoulder of your brass. We also sell shorter bushing retainer caps that allow for a 2/3 partial neck size should you require it.

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